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The 5 Most Threatened Forests

1. The Amazon

Workers clear a road through Brazil’s Amazon rain forest—one of the world’s ten most threatened forests, according to an international conservation group.

2. The Madagascar

This panther chameleon is one of thousands of species found nowhere else than in the rain forests of Madagascar. Such species are at risk of becoming extinct if the island’s moist tropical forests and dry forests disappear.

3. Island Forests, The Philippines

A river flows through a rain forest in the Philippines’ Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park.

Island forests such as this one are typically very sensitive, and many worldwide are under pressure from tourism, invasive species, and sea level rise triggered by global warming, Donovan said.

4. Mesoamerican Forests

The La Sierra Madre Oriental mountains in northeastern Mexico are seen from a distance.

5. Congo Rain Forest

A western lowland gorilla orphan named Bangha pauses in the Republic of the Congo’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary.

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